What is a children’s fence

Children’s fence is also called children’s game fence, game fence, children’s fence, safety fence, etc. Children’s fences on the market are mainly made of plastic and wood materials. The main function is to liberate the mother’s hands and provide a safe and comfortable environment for babies aged 6 months to 3 years. The use of children’s fence is conducive to cultivate the baby’s independent consciousness, thinking ability and concentration, and provide a good place for the baby’s body coordination.

Characteristics of children’s fence:

There are two kinds of children’s Fences: wood and plastic. Among them, plastic children’s fences have become the mainstream products in the market because of their good preservation performance, various styles and convenient assembly.
Children’s fence is generally composed of door fence, game fence and fence. They are connected with card slot socket. It is mainly completed by 4-side splicing, and anti-skid is assisted by bottom suction cup.

Role of children’s fence:

1. Liberate mother’s hands. When doing housework, the mother can put the baby in the fence and let the baby play in the fence. She can cooperate with some toys to make the baby more fun.
2. Protect the baby. The baby is small and has no independent action and discrimination ability. It is easy to cause a series of safety accidents due to random climbing. The fence can provide a safer environment.
3. Develop the baby’s intelligence. The baby’s intelligence is in the development stage from 6 months to 3 years old. He is full of curiosity about things. Playing games in the children’s fence allows the baby to learn to climb, sit, walk and pick up things, which can well open the baby’s cognitive ability.