What is the need to buy a baby fence ?

If there are not enough people at home, it is necessary to buy a fence. If children sleep in big beds together, they need a fence on the bed. Generally, the bed fence can be surrounded on three sides.

Some bed heads are thick and have a large slope, so it is recommended to surround them on all sides.

When my girl couldn’t climb, I did some homework. Some people said that the fence was dangerous, so I didn’t buy it for my child. As a result, I went to the toilet. The child fell out of bed and hit the ground with his face. His already fat face looked fatter. I observed for a few more days. Although she fell very painful, she was still unable to judge the danger at the bedside, so I resolutely placed an order and bought the bedside bar. After 15 months, the child can easily get on and off the bed and is still using it, because the child sleeps all over the bed. Gollum ~ the Milo fish I use is not bad. An extended bed was installed at the bedside of 1.8 meters in my family and squeezed against the wall, In this way, I only bought two fences, and I can leave a hole for getting in and out of bed.

Ground fence, I didn’t buy it until the children can stand on their own. Then I climbed faster and faster, so I had to start studying.

The most common is the plastic fence. After reading a lot of evaluations, I mainly remind you that there is no gap on the fence for children to step on. After all, children after one year old like to climb up. There is no fence in my house. My girl can grasp the edge of the fence and pedal on the Internet. I bought a super strong one. Its advantage is safety, but its disadvantage is not very good-looking and difficult to move.

But after the baby can run all over the house, I think this fence is super practical! Most of her toys are inside. When a person takes her to cook, she can take her in. Just say “you can play with toys here, I’ll cook for you”. She can play with toys quietly for a long time. Sometimes I’ll go inside to read to her, or just lie down with plush toys and have a sleep. I’m really relieved.
After all, the children who explore the world are extremely energetic. The caregivers occasionally have to do their own things temporarily. It’s OK to have many people. I think there must be someone who takes the children alone.