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Tent installation is typically a piece of cake.

1. Leveling the campsite After selecting a suitable campsite, divide the area and clean up the stones in the campsite to make it as level as possible. The branches should also be properly handled to prevent them from piercing the bottom of the tent, and at the same time spread the ground cloth.
2. Take out the accessories. Take out the tent accessories. After taking out the pole nails, immediately press the tent bag and tent bag with heavy objects to prevent them from being blown away by the wind.
3. Support the tent and spread the inner tent on the ground, straighten the pole of the tent, and put it into the tent cover of the inner tent according to the tent structure. The common tent is cross-threaded. After the two poles are put on, insert one end of each pole into the small hole in the corner of the tent, and then two people hold the other end of the tent pole at the same time, and push the stick pole inward along the lines to make the tent stand up Just insert the tip of the tent pole into the small hole, it is best to put it in the small hole inside, which can make the tent fuller. The shape of the tent is formed, and we buckle the surrounding fasteners on the poles. If the wind is strong, you need to fix the four corners of the tent with ground nails. The correct method should be diagonally to the direction of the tent and pierce it at an angle of about 45-60 degrees to the ground. The order of the tent nails in the inner tent should be to tie one corner first, then go to the other diagonal corner to level the tent and then lay down the tent. Then even the other two corners in turn and lay them down, so that the inside of the entire tent will be relatively flat and stable. At this time, put the outside tent bags into the side pockets of the canopy to prevent strong winds.
4. Place the outer account on the inner account. Note that the doors of the inner and outer accounts face one direction. At the same time, the velcro in the middle of the inner and outer accounts needs to be buckled and the connecting buckle is fastened. This can make the tent full, otherwise the tent will blow loudly when the wind is blowing at night, which will affect sleep.
5. After the floor nails and tent ropes are put on the outer tent, fix the hall with floor nails and straighten, and then fix the tent ropes on the outer tent along the lines with floor nails or ready-made big rocks. There is a three-hole slide on the tent rope, which can be used to tighten the tent rope. The wind rope is not only windproof, but its more important function is to separate the inner and outer tents of the tent and make the tent full. Because the outer tent is waterproof, after the inner and outer tents are separated, even if there is water on the outer tent when it rains, the inside of the tent will be fine.
6. The wind window opens the wind window of the outdoor tent, which is conducive to ventilation.
7. Place items reasonably. When we are camping, items should be placed in the tent in a reasonable and planned way (shoes can be placed upside down in the hall, or they can be packed in plastic bags on the side of the inner tent; headlamps and other required items should be placed conveniently Get a place; put the backpack in the hall), use the side pocket of the tent, so that it is convenient to pack the tent the next day.

1. The tent ropes and tent nails must be set up in order to make the tent full and separate the inner and outer tents. Because the tent can be set up without fixing the tent ropes and tent nails, but if the two are fixed, the inner and outer tents are not straightened and separated. The consequences are: 1. The outer tent will be blown by strong winds, which will affect sleep. Second, because the inner and outer tents are glued together, if it rains, the outer tent will get wet and the inner tent will also be wet, and the rain will drip into the tent.
2. After taking out the tent bags and pole bags, they must be pressed with heavy objects to prevent them from being blown away by the strong wind.