Why Choose Us

The Campetr family outdoor sports equipment brand strives to create products that are close to outdoor life and have fashionable functional tonality, and quickly grows into a diversified brand integrating brand management, product design, technology research and development, retail construction and logistics management.

Optional tent capacity

Install larger doors and windows to increase air flow, and install meshes to prevent insects from entering and increase air permeability

Can withstand heavy rain, but not suitable for prolonged exposure to severe storm weather

More sturdy, windproof and firmness are improved, can provide better protection.

For those who often camp on the top of the mountain, the Camper tent is a good choice.

Family tents use nearly vertical walls to maximize the overall height and livable space, and add more designs suitable for family use, such as front hall doors, spacious living rooms, and rooms with partitions.

Self-driving camping uses more comfortable camping tents, which have a larger space and are comfortable to live in, but they are heavier.

Use lightweight and small tents for hiking and camping

Our products pay more attention to the design of details, bringing a better experience for outdoor camping.


The tents that use tear-resistant high-density fabrics and are treated with water repellency and UV protection at the same time are more protective.

Before use, check whether the seam of the tent is attached with waterproof stickers to prevent rainwater leakage.

Doors and windows

Test the smoothness of opening and closing. Generally speaking, YKK zippers are stronger and more durable.

Open doors and windows, check whether screens are set, and ventilation.

Tent pole

Aluminum poles are stronger and more durable than fiberglass, and color-coded poles and tent shafts can also speed up the setting.


If the tent is set up in the front hall, it will be more convenient. It can be used to store or cover muddy or dusty boots, backpacks and various sundries.


There are usually settings for storing items inside the tent, such as hooks that can hang camp lights, pockets for holding sundries, etc., to facilitate storage and access, and to keep the inside of the tent tidy.

If you have any questions about the product, please contact us at service@campetr.com, we will reply within 24H.